Why hire an attorney to file your VAWA self-petitioner claim?

Call (954) 946-8130 to find out about the legal services we offer in the area of  VAWA law. We do not offer a free consultation with an attorney and there is a charge for a legal consultation depending on the complexity of the matter.

Why hire the Law Office of Rose H. Robbins to prepare your VAWA self-petition?

Many people think that immigration law is just filling out forms. In actuality, U.S. immigration law is extremely complex and ever-changing. Many of our clients are people who attempted to save money by filing immigration petitions themselves but their applications were either rejected or delayed. Legal fees often end up being even higher in such cases. By working with an experienced immigration attorney you will minimize the risk of the denial or rejection of your immigration application. You can feel confident that information submitted will strictly conform to USCIS legal requirements. Rose H. Robbins, Esq. is a member of American Immigration Lawyers Association and thereby receives continuous education and legal updates about changes in the laws, regulations and practices. You will be working with an experienced immigration attorney who keeps track of the latest changes to immigration regulations. These constant and seemingly subtle changes might be crucial for the outcome of your immigration case. In addition, you will be able to call an experienced immigration attorney anytime while your case is pending and receive a timely response and a case status update.

Ms. Robbins takes a special and personal interest in every VAWA case accepted by the law firm and she has the maturity and experience to communicate effectively with her clients. Many clients find it painful to discuss the extreme cruelty or battery that they have suffered and to understand the legal requirements for making her VAWA case in front of USCIS.

VAWA requires that a self-petitioner show that she “has been battered or has been the subject of extreme cruelty” by a lawful permanent resident spouse, a U.S. citizen spouse, a lawful permanent resident parent, a U.S. citizen parent, or a U.S. citizen son or daughter.  Abusive acts that may not initially appear violent may constitute “extreme cruelty” for the purposes of VAWA.  Therefore, a person who has suffered no physical abuse may still be eligible to self-petition. As the 9th Circuit said in Hernandez v. Ashcroft,

Extreme cruelty provides an inquiry into an individual’s experience of mental or psychological cruelty, an alternative measure of domestic violence that can also be assessed on the basis of objective standards…extreme cruelty simply provides a way to evaluate whether an individual has suffered psychological abuse that constitutes domestic violence.

The court noted that, in determining extreme cruelty, one must “consider the nature and effects of violence in intimate relationships.”  The purpose of the term “extreme cruelty” is to encompass the forms of domestic violence that are not physical.  By their very nature as forms of domestic violence they are “extremely cruel.”  Thus, the focus of an extreme cruelty inquiry should be whether it’s a form of domestic violence, not whether it’s “extreme” enough.

There is no exhaustive list of acts that constitute “extreme cruelty’ and thus putting together an effective submission that will compelling demonstrate to USCIS that the legal test has been met requires an in-depth inquiry into the particular circumstances. Determining whether or not a client’s experience constitutes “extreme cruelty” largely depends on the independent facts of each individual client’s case. One’s perception of “extreme cruelty” is highly subjective and depends not only on the facts of the case, but the self-petitioner’s own personal history, vulnerabilities or past experiences with abuse. In the self-petitioners own declaration, it is extremely important that the self-petitioner provides as much detail about the effects of the extreme cruelty on her as possible.  Furthermore, the petitioner must come across as credible as possible.

We look forward to hearing from you and discussing your case. There is no charge for an initial telephone consultation. The Law Office of Rose H. Robbins represents VAWA immigration clients from all over the United States since it involves the same Federal laws and regulations.

The Law Offices of Rose H. Robbins represents clients all over the United States and all over the world.

Call (954) 946-8130 to find out about the legal services we offer in the area of VAWA law. We do not offer a free consultation with an attorney and there is a charge for a legal consultation depending on the complexity of the matter.

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