REF Good Moral Character

Good Moral Character Determination in a VAWA Self-Petitioner Case


How can I prove good, moral character in order to establish a prima facie case under the self-petitioning provisions of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)?

 The following may be submitted as evidence of your good moral character:

 1.Your own affidavit supported by police clearances* or records from each place you resided for at least 6 months during the 3-year period before filing your VAWA petition. If you have resided, outside the United States during this 3-year period, you must submit police clearances from those locations.

2.If police clearances, criminal background checks, or similar reports are not available for some or all locations, you should submit an explanation and submit other evidence to support your affidavit. Evidence may include affidavits from responsible persons who can knowledgeably attest to your good moral character.

 You should consult a list of  State Issued Criminal History Clearances that can assist you in obtaining police clearances from each state in the United States. Locally issued clearances may still be submitted, and are required from localities that do not offer state issued clearances.  Please note that if the police clearance is researched by name only, you must supply the law enforcement agency with all aliases you have used, including maiden and/or married name(s), if applicable.


If your police clearance letter or your own statement indicates that you have been arrested or charged with any crime, please submit the following:

1.   copies of the arrest report(s);

2.copies of court documents showing the final disposition of the charge(s); and

3.relevant excerpts of law for that jurisdiction showing the maximum possible penalty for each charge.


In addition, USCIS is not precluded from considering good moral character prior to the 3-year period when such circumstances exist.

Proving the “good moral character” requirement for VAWA self-petitioners is an important element of the petition and should not be undertaken without the help of an experienced attorney. In addition, it is very difficult for the self-petitioner to deal with these emotionally painful memories and the objective input of a compassionate attorney can make the difference in overcoming the high denial rates in these cases.

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