Why hire us?

You may call (954) 946-8130  so that we can tell you about the legal services we offer in this area. We do not offer a free consultation with an attorney and there is a fee for an initial consultation based on the complexity of the matter.

Why hire the Immigration Law Office of Rose H. Robbins to represent you in your VAWA application?

Ms. Robbins takes a personal interest in every VAWA (Violence Against Women Act)  case accepted by the immigration law firm and she has the maturity and experience to communicate effectively with her clients. Many clients find it painful to recall and discuss the extreme cruelty or battery that they have suffered in the abusive marriage with a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.  In addition, clients have difficulty understanding the  strict legal requirements for proving their entitlement to VAWA benefis in front of USCIS.  Requests for Evidence are routine and a self-petitioner who is not represented by an experienced immigraton lawyer may not fully comprehend the legal requirements for proving their eligibility for immigration benefits.

How does a person qualify for VAWA benefits?

VAWA requires that a self-petitioner to show that they “have been battered or have been the subject of extreme cruelty” by a lawful permanent resident spouse or a U.S. citizen spouse.  Abusive acts that may not initially appear violent may constitute “extreme cruelty” for the purposes of VAWA.  Therefore, a person who has suffered no physical abuse may still be eligible to self-petition in many cases.

There is no exhaustive list of acts that constitute “extreme cruelty’ and thus putting together an effective submission that will compellingly demonstrate to USCIS that the legal test has been met requires an in-depth inquiry into the particular circumstances. Determining whether or not a client’s experience constitutes “extreme cruelty” largely depends on the independent facts of each individual client’s case. One’s perception of “extreme cruelty” is highly subjective and depends not only on the facts of the case, but the self-petitioner’s own personal history, vulnerabilities or past experiences with abuse. In the self-petitioners own declaration, it is extremely important that the self-petitioner provides as much detail about the effects of the extreme cruelty on her as possible.  Furthermore, the petitioner must come across as credible as possible.

Isn’t immigration law just about filling in forms?

Many people think that immigration law is just filling out forms. In actuality, U.S. immigration law is extremely complex and ever-changing.  By working with an experienced immigration attorney you will minimize the risk of the denial or rejection of your immigration application. You can feel confident that information submitted will have the best chance to  meet USCIS’ legal requirements. Rose H. Robbins is a member of American Immigration Lawyers Association and thereby receives continuous education and legal updates about changes in the laws, regulations and practices. These constant and seemingly subtle changes might be crucial for the outcome of your immigration case. In addition, you will be able to contact an experienced immigration attorney anytime while your case is pending and receive a timely response and a case status update.

We look forward to hearing from you and telling you more about the legal services we offer in this area of law!    Although we do not offer a free consultation with an attorney we can let you know the charge for an initial consultation which will vary with the complexity of the case. Or you may email us: rose <at> roserobbins.com

NOTE: This office does not accept VAWA cases that have been filed without a lawyer or that have been filed by another lawyer. Because of the complexity of the law in this area we do not accept these cases for legal representation nor do  we accept these cases solely to give any legal opinions about available options.

The Law Offices of Rose H. Robbins takes advantage of electronic advances to effectively represents immigration clients from all over the United States and the world.  Please call us at: (954) 946-8130.   We will be happy to tell you about the legal services we offer in this area of immigration law.

You may also fill out the “Contact an Immigration Lawyer” form below for instant delivery to our confidential email system.  I understand that by submitting this form that the Law Office of Rose H. Robbins does not represent me and are are not my attorney and there is no attorney-client relationship by submitting my question or requesting that the Law Office of Rose H. Robbins contact me. I understand that the ONLY way that the Law Office of Rose H. Robbins will represent me is by entering into a written fee agreement/retainer agreement  and paying the initial retainer fee amont and that this form does not constitute a fee agreement/retainer agreement.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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